Updated August 2017


  • Peace and security
  • Dialogue and negotiations
  • Democratic governance, rule of  law and human rights
  • Gender equality
  • Empowerment of women, youth, and marginalized ethnic groups
  • Youth empowerment
  • Environment, natural resources conflict resolution
  • Education for social development
  • Food security



SIRC has worked with a local partner in Somalia, Bani’Adam Relief and Development Organization (BRDO), for securing food production through improving the agricultural infrastructure and making small-scale farmers more self-sufficient and implemented between 2003-2007 five projects in the Shabelle region of Somalia.

  • Increased food security for small-scale farmers in Lower Shabelle region
  • Farmers were equipped with modern farming techniques that increased their production level
  • Increased marketing capacity and market accessibility for local producers in Janaale,
  • Accumulated savings to use for land preparation and seeds.
  • The community could use irrigation structures and are better protected against flooding.


2015 SIRC implemented food security project in Shebelle region of Somalia

Overall project goal: Fishing communities in Jazeera and Merka, in Lower Shabelle region, Somalia, have improved capacity to secure decent livelihood through access to food and nutrition.



Somalia International Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC), local Horn of Africa partners and Lund Horn of Africa Forum act as a neutral academic setting in a place distant from the scene of conflicts and with an interest in the region carried by a strong wish to contribute to a peaceful and prosperous future for all involved. SIRC provides a platform with good possibilities of proving attractive as an organisation for respectful dialogue in a spirit contributing to mutual understanding and peace building. SIRC offers a place for all regional parties in conflict to refer to and to receive support and information from in order to embark on peaceful dialogue and conflict settlement.

SIRC offers a number of Swedish and other neutral actors now engaged to be more regularly attached to and involved in the work for peace in the Horn of Africa at the same time as further actors could be attracted to participate. In a wider scope, seeming highly realistic and interesting, national and international agencies are often engaged, supporting the Horn of Africa peace project in various ways.

SIRC is engaged in furthering peaceful solutions. It has provided a much needed continuity by means of the annual Horn of Africa conferences, with the objective of supporting the efforts to achieve peace in the Horn of Africa.SIRC also provides a centre for documentation and a source of information for scholars, politicians, international institutions, Horn of Africa governments and media.

SIRC has since 2002 successfully arranged annual conferences in the university city of Lund, Sweden. The themes of the conferences have been:

  • Co-operation Instead of Wars & Destruction (2002)
  • No Development Without Peace (2003)
  • Transforming Culture of War Into a Culture of Peace (2004)
  • Good Governance & the Rule of Law: Key to Peace & Development (2005)
  • Role of Diasporas in Peace, Democratization & Development in the Horn of Africa (2006)
  • Post-Conflict Peace-Building in the Horn of Africa (2007)
  • Faith, Citizenship, Democracy & Peace in the Horn of Africa (October 2008)
  • Horn of Africa Peace: The Role of Environment (2009)
  • Horn of Africa conference – focus on Somalia: The Role of Democratic Governance VS Sectarian politics in Somalia (June 2010)
  • Horn of Africa conference: Role of Women in Promoting Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa (September 2011).
  • Horn of Africa Peace and Security (2012)
  • Conflict for resources in the horn of Africa (2013)



SIRC in partnership with its local partners Baniadam Relief & Development Organisation (BRDO), operating in Puntland and south central Somalia and Center for Dialogue, Civic Education and Human Rights (CDCH), operating in Somaliland, successfully carried out two capacity building trainings for Somali civil society organizations in Somaliland/Somalia which are keys for the promotion for development. They were implemented in 2011 and 2012 in Garowe and Hargeisa, Somalia, and the themes for the projects were:

  • Strengthening Somali Civil Society Organizations to Promote a Holistic Approach to
  • Democracy and Human Rights that are Keys to Peace and Development  (2011)
  • Peace and security training workshop for Somali civil society organisations in Hargeisa 2012
  • 2015-2017 ongoing capacity building training project in Somaliland previously marginalized and vulnerable groups, policy makers, traditional leaders and communities in Somaliland have a better knowledge of human rights and work towards a more equitable society.


Liban Wehlie

SIRC Chairperson