Overcomplicating US-Sudan Relations

 Source: Foreign Policy published on 25 September 2020

Foreign Policy published on 25 September 2020 an article titled “The White House Wants Peace with Sudan.  Congress Wants Khartoum to Pay” by Cameron Hudson, Atlantic Council.  

The article is a useful update on the state of play between domestic political calculations and current US-Sudan relations.  

What the article fails to explain is that Sudan’s removal from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, where it was rightfully placed in 1993, has no relationship to Sudan’s recognition of Israel.  According to the State Department’s annual report on terrorism, Sudan has cooperated with the United States for years in efforts to combat terrorism.  Removal from the state sponsors of terrorism list should be dealt with on its merits, not winning domestic political points.  0 commentsLabels: Abdel Fattah al-BurhanCongresscounterterrorismIsraelstate sponsors of terrorismSudanTrump administrationUAEUS