Sudan’s Role in the Ethiopian Conflict

¬†Source: Foreign Policy¬†published on 14 November 2020 an analysis titled “Sudan Will Decide the Outcome of the Ethiopian Civil War” by Nizar Manek, a London-based journalist, and Mohamed Kheir Omer, a former member of the Eritrean Liberation Front.

This wide ranging and provocative piece argues that as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed goes to war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which held key positions in the former Ethiopian administration, Khartoum’s moves will determine whether the conflict remains a local affair or a regional conflagration.0 commentsLabels: Abdalla HamdokAbdel Fattah al-BurhanAbiy AhmedAfar Regional-ShabaabAmhara Regioncivil warDebretsion GebremichaelEgyptENDFEritreaEthiopiarefugeesSomaliaSudanTigray RegionTPLFUAE

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