Ethiopia: Elements of a Negotiated Settlement

┬áSource: Brookings published on 16 November 2020 a commentary titled “Averting Civil War in Ethiopia: It’s Time to Propose Elements of a Negotiated Settlement” by Zach Vertin.

The author proposes that the African Union, supported by the UN, key neighbors, EU, US, Gulf States, and China should propose the following elements as a solution to the Ethiopian crisis:

–Cessation of hostilities.

–Mutual acknowledgment of legitimacy of the Abiy Ahmed government in Addis Ababa and the Tigray regional government.  

–Hold a political dialogue on the terms and timing of national elections.  0 commentsLabels: Abiy AhmedAUChinacivil warEgyptelectionsEritreaEthiopiaEUGERDGulf StatesIsaias AfwerkiProsperity PartyTigray RegionTPLFUNUS

Ethiopia: Ethnic Factor in the Conflict