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Source: Hiiraan Online, Thursday January 6, 2022

 PM demands control of military until conclusion of elections

Mogadishu (HOL) – The National Consultative Assembly leaders are reportedly at odds over who should be in charge of Somalia’s security, according to sources.

The PM and the presidents of Somalia’s federal member states met for the fourth day in Mogadishu to discuss improving the electoral process and concluding the elections on a reliable timeline.


Prime Minister Roble has reportedly pushed for more direct control of Somalia’s security apparatus, requesting that the national army be placed under his command during the remainder of the electoral process.

According to sources, Roble argued that it would be challenging to resolve electoral security as long as military commanders took orders from Villa Somalia. 

Relations between the PM and President have been strained considerably since Farmajo attempted to suspend Roble in late December over unfounded corruption allegations. The move has appeared to fail, as Somalia’s cabinet and the international community rallied behind the PM. 

The reaction by FMS leaders was divided as some regional presidents – Deni of Puntland and Madobe of Kismayo – have reportedly backed the PM’s plan, while the remaining three state presidents, Qoorqoor of Galmudug, Gudlawe of Hirshabelle, Lafta-gareen of South West State and the Banadir governor, Omar Filish – all of whom have strong ties with Villa Somalia –  have firmly rejected it, arguing that President Farmajo is the commander of the armed forces and responsible for the country’s security. 

This PM’s security demands have hampered the conference’s progress, and reports suggest that some presidents have threatened to walk out of the meeting, which could lead to the highly anticipated meeting ending in failure.

The meeting ended inconclusively with the leaders scheduling to resume the conference on Saturday.