Qatar Charity opens health centre to benefit 20,000 people in Somalia

Source: Gulf Times, Sunday August 27, 2023

Qatar Charity inaugurated a health centre within the Madina Hospital in Banaadir, a region in Somalia. The inaugural ceremony of the health centre was attended by several dignitaries from the Somali government, led by the Somali minister of health, as well as members of the Qatari embassy in Mogadishu. The health centre is expected to benefit 20,000 people.

The 350-square-metre centre encompasses several departments, including a maternity ward, doctor’s clinics, an emergency department, a vaccination room, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and administrative offices. Additionally, it includes designated spaces for health awareness and education to increase awareness about diseases and preventive health.

Among the services provided by the centre are first aid for emergency cases and maternal, child, and reproductive health services, in addition to providing nutritional services and vaccinations for children. The centre also offers laboratory diagnostic services. It seeks to achieve comprehensive health coverage for mothers and children, contributing to sustainable development and community well-being.

During the inauguration ceremony of the health centre, Dr Mohamed Abdirahman Jama, the director-general of the Madina Hospital in Banaadir, spoke about the importance of this project and its anticipated impact on healthcare services provided to the community.

“We feel a great sense of pride in collaborating with Qatar Charity on this project, which reflects a shared humanitarian commitment to improving the health situation and providing healthcare to the community,” said Dr Mohamed Abdirahman Jama.

He noted that this health centre comes as a part of the ongoing efforts to expand and improve healthcare services, and it will provide specialised medical services, including treatment and diagnosis using the latest available medical technologies and methods.

He thanked the Qatari donors and Qatar Charity for their generous support, expressing his hope that this project would serve as a starting point for further collaboration and partnerships in the field of healthcare to achieve better health and well-being for communities.

The Somali Minister of Health Ali Haji Warsame, expressed his satisfaction with such projects that support governmental efforts to improve healthcare services. He commended the pioneering efforts of Qatar Charity in promoting health awareness within the Somali community. He also expressed deep gratitude towards Qatar and Qatar Charity for this humanitarian initiative, which is expected to significantly contribute to improving the health and humanitarian situation in Somalia and have a positive impact on the lives of the Somali people.