US Special Envoy for Sudan Discusses Prospects for Peace

 Source: The International Crisis Group posted on 15 April 2024 a 38-minute podcast titled “New U.S. Envoy on Ending Sudan’s War” with Tom Perriello, U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan, and Alan Boswell.  

Perriello said the immediate goal is to resume talks in Jeddah hosted by Saudi Arabia and the United States with key actors in the dispute and to seek agreement for an end to the fighting and eventually a return to establishing a civilian government in Sudan.  The talks need to be inclusive and consolidate earlier peace processes.

A split or divided Sudan would not be a good outcome.  The major challenge to peace is the lack of trust among the belligerents and ensuring that Sudan’s civil society is part of the process.  Perriello is hopeful the sharply deteriorated humanitarian situation will serve as an incentive for all actors to make a more concentrated effort to end the fighting.