Somali President Mohamud reaffirms readiness for dialogue with al-Shabab militant group

Source: Hiiraan Online, Sunday June 16, 2024

Oslo (HOL) – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has reiterated that his government is ready to engage in dialogue and negotiations with the al-Shabab militant group.

Speaking at a debate in Oslo, Norway, President Mohamud stated that the government is waiting for al-Shabab to negotiate. He pointed out that the dialogue process might take time.

“We believe that the end game for al-Shabab is negotiations whenever they are ready. We were ready yesterday, and tomorrow, we will still be ready,” said President Mohamud.

He emphasized that dialogue with the group can create new hope but stressed that al-Shabab needs to change its behavior first.

“Anyone who can convince them to change their behavior should take that step,” said the president.

This is the second time President Mohamud has called for dialogue with al-Shabab during his two years in office. However, al-Shabab has previously refused to engage in dialogue with the government.

Since 2007, al-Shabaab has been fighting the Somali government and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) – a multidimensional mission authorized by the African Union and mandated by the UN Security Council.