Garowe mayor demands departure of undocumented Ethiopian migrants

Source: : hIIRAAN oNLINE, Monday June 17, 2024

Garowe (HOL) – The mayor of Garowe, Abdikhadir Mohamed Mohamud Geddi, has ordered all illegal Ethiopian residents to leave the town immediately, threatening deportation if they do not comply.

Speaking to reporters in Garowe on Sunday, the mayor said, “I want to send a message to the Ethiopian people who are in the city illegally. We have worked hard to welcome these people, but now the time has come. We want to tell those who do not have permits to leave the city of Garowe.”

Ethiopian migrants have been arriving in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland State, over the past few years. These people have faced complex lives in Garowe and other major towns in Puntland, SSC-Khatumo, and Somaliland.

Some Ethiopians have also taken over small jobs, including shoe cleaning.

Earlier, the administration of Galkayo district in Puntland banned Ethiopians from the city of Galkayo after the administration expressed concerns.